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Baby Track
Baby & Young Child Track, which has been running since 1994, is a quantitative survey which tracks trends and behaviour among 0-4's and 0-6's year olds.

We interview 350 - 500 0-6 year olds every 3 months. 350 0-4 year olds are interviewed via the mother. Interviews are conducted face-to-face at approximately 50 sampling points, randomly selected throughout Great Britain.

Questions cover a wide range of topics pertinent to babies and young children. They are grouped into 5 'Modules' which are described below. Questions are repeated at regular intervals in order to track trends and spot developments.

Reports fit into ring binders and can also be provided in electronic format. They come in table format with analysis by age, sex, age within sex, social grade of chief wage earner, whether cable/satellite/digital TV in home and/or any thing else which is relevant.

Introductory pages to each Module consist of tracking charts showing developing trends over several waves and a written commentary highlighting important developments.

There are two levels of Subscription:

Level One Subscription includes:
  • Quarterly report
  • Tracking data for most Modules showing top trends over a number of waves.
  • Introduction to each Module highlighting important trends and developments.
  • Consultation with subscribers on an annual and quarterly basis.
  • Client input into specific questions
  • Opportunity for clients to include extra questions in CJMR Omnibus without payment of the normal ?40 entry fee.
Level Two Subscription includes:
  • All of the above PLUS
  • Two free, confidential questions of client's own choice repeated twice a year to track their own subject. This represents a large saving on rate card costs.
Full subscription is the most cost-effective way of purchasing Baby & Young Child Track, though Modules and even questions may be purchased individually.

Full Child Track subscribers receive a 10% discount on Baby Track prices.
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