Tracking Studies
We have a number of quantitative tracking studies available. The most established of these is Child Track (5-14s), which has been running since 1993. Similarly, Baby & Young Child Track has been running since 1994.

Our Tracking Studies are made up of different "modules", details of which can be found by clicking on the relevant study. Questions are repeated at regular intervals in order to track trends and spot developments. We aim to keep ahead of the market in interactive TV, mobiles and health issues.

Reports fit into dedicated binders and can also be provided electronically. They come in table format with analysis by age, age within sex, social grade, multi-channel TV homes and siblings. Other analysis can be provided as required. For each wave 20-30 PowerPoint charts and various trend tables (Excel) are provided to show key findings.

Other syndicated tracking studies include: Mobile Phones, Fruit flavoured sweets, Internet, Toys & Games, Banks & Building Societies. Food and Drink. See the "Syndicated Studies" page for further details.
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