Telephone Surveys
When you need results in a hurry a telephone survey can provide a fast track service for specific topics.

They are particularly useful for PR or marketing activities such as: current topical issues, advertising recall, reactions to campaigns, TV programmes. Sample sizes between 100-500 can be accommodated, with interviews usually between 3-10 minutes in length.

We have a panel (gathered using our regular face-to-face Omnibus) of over 25,000 children (aged 7-19) available for immediate contact. The panel is regularly replenished.

We have in the past conducted 200 interviews over a weekend with results early the following week, though speed obviously depends upon the nature of the questionnaire. Open-ended questions would take longer.

As the panel is generated from our Omnibus service, respondents can be pre-screened for ownership of things like Multi-channel TV, Computers, Video Games Consoles.

The panel can also be used for postal surveys, group recruitment and product testing.
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